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We are small local Dracut farm working on our dream to live and share a sustainable healthy way of life with our friends, family and community.

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A Small Family Run Local Dracut Farm Serving Community.

With rising prices of food and costs, we now more than ever want to expand and share our self-sufficient, sustainable, and healthy produce with the community. We aim to build the lifelong bonds communities and their farmers need to sustain a healthy prosperous future for ourselves and our posterity.

What We Do

Sustainable Farming

Using a permaculture mentality we rotate crops and maximize the nutritional value of our soil.

Supply the community

Using input from our customers we modify our crop supply seasonally to provide to our local restaurants and community members with what they need most.

Learn & Educate

We are always learning and believe that knowledge is power, that is why we are not shy about teaching others what we have learned on our farm

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Farming is our passion! We put our heart and soul into our plants and processes. Providing food and nourishment to our local community brings us great joy.

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Our Primary Goals

Maximize self-sufficiency

The goal of a small farm focused on sustainability, permaculture, and self-sufficiency is to produce as much of its own food, water, and other resources as possible. This can help the farm to be more resilient and less dependent on outside inputs.

Minimize waste and environmental impact

A small farm focused on sustainability and permaculture aims to minimize waste and its impact on the environment. This can involve using natural fertilizers and pest control methods, conserving water, and recycling or composting organic materials.

Create a diverse and productive ecosystem:

Permaculture farms aim to create a diverse ecosystem that is able to support a variety of plants, animals, and other organisms. This can involve using a variety of polycultures, agroforestry techniques, and other approaches to create a productive and self-sustaining ecosystem.

Farmer planting seeds on local farm